Monday, December 1, 2008

OH-16: Boccieri Selects Trevena to Lead Congressional Office

I had to take some time off post-election; one never gets a true understanding of the physical, psychological, and emotional drain of a Congressional race until it comes to a close. John Boccieri is a true leader and to have campaigned with him gave me a first-hand perspective of the internal drive he has developed over his lifetime.

Ohio's Fighting 16th District can only thrive through John's internal energies and first-class connections he already holds in Washington, DC. Prior to the Thanksgiving break, Ian Walton, Campaign Manager for John Boccieri for U.S Congress, gave me an update on "The Transition Team".

Boccieri Selects Trevena to Lead Congressional Office

CANTON -- Congressman-Elect John Boccieri (D-Alliance) today released the following statement on naming Anthony Trevena as his chief of staff:

Boccieri said:

"I am pleased Anthony has agreed to serve as my chief of staff in the 111th Congress. This is a critical position, and I am confident Anthony's background and experience make him a perfect fit as chief of staff for the people of the 16th Congressional District."
Trevena has a Bachelor's degree in education and Master's degree in business administration. He previously served on Gov. Ted Strickland's Congressional staff and currently serves as the the Deputy Director of Administration for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Trevena will officially join Congressman-elect Boccieri's staff in early January.

Boccieri added:
"Anthony has been a trusted adviser to me for eight years and has served the people of Ohio at the state and federal level with integrity throughout his career. I know he understands the complex issues facing Ohio's families, and I am confident in the skills he brings to this position."

It is still unknown what the future holds for our blog, but believe me, whenever "Bo" calls for "Boots on the Ground!", Ohio's Fighting 16th will be ready to "Stand up!"

Thursday, November 6, 2008

OH-16: Congressman Major John Boccieri - "Thank You!" Edition

Boccieri Banner

Dear Ohio's Fighting 16th District,

This Tuesday night, all of the time you have put in knocking on doors, making phone calls, helping out with events and contributing what you can over the past year and a half finally paid off.

Together, we have brought a historic change to the 16th Congressional District. For the first time since 1948, the voters here have elected a Democrat to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.

I am honored to accept this awesome responsibility. But as I said over and over again on the campaign trail, this race has never been about me or my opponent - it's about you. It was your struggles and hopes for the future that motivated me, and it was your hard work that made the difference on Election Day. I can't thank you enough for all that you did.

Tuesday was a historic night. But now, the real history-making begins. It's time to roll up our sleeves and get about the work of the American people: creating new jobs, negotiating fairer trade deals, ensuring health care coverage for every American and bringing our troops home from Iraq safely, honorably, and soon.

I could not have gotten to this point without your support. Now, as your next Congressman, I need your help even more. I want you to hold me accountable every day that I'm in Washington, ensuring that I'm always putting your needs first and your interests ahead of special interests.

America is facing some of the biggest challenges we've seen in at least a generation, and only together can we overcome them and restore the hope and promise of our great nation.

Thank you once again for standing with me throughout this campaign. I will never forget your energy, dedication, and unwavering support.

John Boccieri

As the Editor of OH-16: John Boccieri for U.S. Congress, it has been my great pleasure to follow Congressman Major John Boccieri across Ohio's Fighting 16th District. I only can echo John, "'s about you. It was your struggles and hopes for the future that motivated me, and it was your hard work that made the difference on Election Day. I can't thank you enough for all that you did."

Everytime John called on us to "Stand up!", we delivered. We saw the GOP noise machines try to blur the issues of this race, but we stood up, unrelenting.

Now, we have come to see the pay-off. But, we must be clear on one important issue, the battle against the "Potomac Villagers" has only begun.

I can only imagine the tears of pride that will hit the corners of our cheeks as Congressman John Boccieri delivers to Ohio's Fighting 16th over and over, again.

I want to kick-off the 2010 election cycle with my favorite part of the 2008 cycle:

Monday, October 27, 2008

OH-16: John Boccieri - "All Hands On Deck!" Edition

We're almost there!

Only 7 days left until one of the biggest elections in our lifetimes. We need every last bit of help as we make the final push to elect John Boccieri and bring real change to the 16th Congressional District.

We are asking volunteers to sign up for at least one three-hour shift during the final four days of the campaign. You'll be helping us get out the vote by making phone calls, knocking on doors, or getting John Boccieri's name out around the district.

Here are the shift times. If you see a time that works for you, just click on it to sign up by email!

Saturday, Nov 1: 10am - 1pm, 1 - 4pm, 4 - 7pm
Sunday, Nov 2: 1 - 4pm, 4 - 7pm
Monday, Nov 3: 1 - 4pm, 4 - 7pm
Election Day (Tuesday, Nov 4): 10am - 1pm, 1 - 4pm, 4 - 7pm

You can also sign up over the phone by calling (330) 754-0534 and asking for Matt or Danielle.
John spoke at several candidates forums this past week, including ones in Ashland, Orrville, and on WCPN radio.

This week's "Volunteers of the Week" are Denny Miller and Phil Whaitley. Denny is a Wayne County native who comes to the Canton field office weekly to help with data entry, phone calls, and other activities. Phil is a Stark County local who volunteers at our Canton office on the days he has off from work. Phil has made more phone calls than just about anybody on the campaign. Thanks Denny and Phil for your hard work and commitment to getting John elected!

Here's what's coming up in the FINAL WEEK OF THIS CAMPAIGN...

What: Breakfast Reception with John & U.S. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer
Where: McKinley Grand Hotel, 320 Market Ave., Canton
When: Wednesday, October 29, 8:00 - 9:30 am
Notes: RSVP to Justin Palmer at 330-438-1632 or

What: Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Week
Where: Boccieri Campaign Headquarters, 601 Cleveland Ave., NW, Canton
When: Saturday, November 1 - Tuesday, November 4
Notes: Please call our main headquarters at (330) 754-0534 or email Chris at to sign up for GOTV activities

Boccieri Breaking News:

From the Ashland Times-Gazette...

Candidates Focus on Economy

"The campaign train stopped in Ashland County on Tuesday night...

State senators John Boccieri, D-Alliance, and Kirk Schuring, R-Canton, fielded questions about the federal economic bailout, increased government spending, health care and partisanship.

Boccieri said the election is not about him or Schuring, but is about Ohioans.

"It's about middle class families. It's not just about working together. It's about working together with the right priorities."
Read the full article...

And, yet...another endorsement comes in!

Medina Gazette: "Congress needs Boccieri’s fresh approach"

Medina, OH -The Medina Gazette has endorsed John Boccieri in the race for Ohio's 16th Congressional District.

"America cannot continue its current path," the editors wrote in their endorsement today. "Congress needs Boccieri's fresh approach on Nov. 4."

The Gazette cited Boccieri's plans for fixing America's broken health care system as a major factor in the endorsement decision. "There is no issue more critical than health care because of its impact on employers, family budgets and quality of life," the editorial stated. "We like Boccieri’s ideas for cutting costs and providing incentives to make care more affordable."

The Gazette also highlighted the importance of Boccieri's service overseas. "His experience as an Iraq veteran gives him a boots-on-the-ground perspective on U.S. foreign policy," the editors wrote.
Click here to read the full editorial.

If that isn't enough good news for one sitting, check out what Chris Callizza recently posted on The Fix's House Line:
9. Ohio's 16th district (R): State Sen. John Boccieri appears to have recovered from a bit of a rough spot as a candidate during the summer months and once again is the odds-on favorite to claim the seat being vacated by Rep. Ralph Regula (R). Boccieri has a cash edge over fellow state Sen. Kirk Schuring (R) and a Democratic poll released earlier this month showed him ahead comfortably. (Previous ranking: 12)

As always, we appreciate everything you've done in this campaign. Together, we are now just a few short days away from achieving victory and a better future for our community and our country. Please help out in whatever way you can in this final week!

OH-16: John Boccieri - "Change is Coming!"

Dear Friends,

With just eight days before the November 4 election, we're faced with a choice about the direction we want our community, our state and our country to go.

With so much at stake, I want you to know why I am running for Congress and how I plan to work for what matters most to you: a job that pays enough to raise a family, affordable health care that's there whenever you need it, and middle class tax cuts to help send your children to college or care for an aging relative.

Take a look at this new video to see the core reasons why I am running for Congress...

Like you, I believe in the promise of America: that if you work hard, play by the rules and give back to your community you can realize the American Dream. But for far too many Ohio families, that dream is slipping out of reach.

I am committed to changing that. As a father, a veteran and a state legislator who has represented this area for eight years, I know that we need to put middle class families first. In Congress, I want to wake up every day and make it my job to fight for your job.

With so much at stake, I hope I can count on your support. If you want to learn more, you can visit my website at, or feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas at the email address below.


John Boccieri

Friday, October 24, 2008

OH-16: Alliance for Retired Americans Endorses John Boccieri

The Alliance for Retired Americans says John Boccieri is the best choice to succeed retiring Rep. Ralph Regula in the race for Ohio's 16th Congressional District.

The organization, which has nearly 271,000 members in Ohio and represents over 3.5 million seniors across America, wrote in their endorsement that Boccieri's "election to the House of Representatives will enhance the quality of life for older Americans."

The Alliance cited:

"Boccieri's leadership on issues such as fighting Social Security privatization and strengthening the Social Security and Medicare systems... In addition, our members can support your candidacy because of your belief in the need to provide more affordable health care for older Americans, to create a Medicare drug program that benefits seniors, not insurance and drug companies, as well as the need for stronger retirement and pension security, and quality long term and nursing home care."
Boccieri thanked the group for its endorsement and reiterated his commitment to standing up for seniors.
"If you've worked hard, played by the rules, and given back to your community your entire life, you deserve your pension benefits, affordable health care, and financial security in retirement. That's the dream that has made America strong, and that's the promise that I will fight for in Congress."
Boccieri has a strong record of supporting seniors in the state legislature and has committed to use his voice in Congress to address the plight of local retirees like those from Republic Technologies who have been denied much of their promised pension benefits.

In stark contrast, when Republic Technologies retirees invited State Sen. Kirk Schuring to an October 11 meeting about their pension struggles, Schuring never showed up. And this Tuesday, the editors of the Akron Beacon Journal noted that Schuring has expressed "willingness to consider privatizing a portion of Social Security" if elected to Congress.

In 2001, Schuring cast the only Ohio House vote against creating the Golden Buckeye discount prescription drug program ["Legislation Would Give Seniors Drug Discount," Dayton Daily News, 6/6/01], and more recently voted to raise the retirement age and strip half a billion dollars from state pension funds. [127 SB 148]